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FIAT 500

FIAT 500 Fiat's cheeky little 500 is a stylish citycar that remains as appealing as ever. It's not been fundamentally changed in recent times - but then loyal buyers didn't really want it to be. These people will like the smart look, the extra media options and the more individual feel. You can tell that Fia ....(more)

RRP £11,790.00
Blip Price From £9,236.78
Monthly From £155.44
Discount 23 %
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The improved second generation version of Toyota's Aygo should prove to be a stronger offering for the Japanese maker in the growing citycar sector. To keep its appeal current, the brand has delivered a smarter look inside and out, while enhancing refinement and efficiency. Plus customers have the o ....(more)

RRP £9,515.00
Blip Price From £8,020.87
Monthly From £132.49
Discount 17 %
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Citroen's C3 supermini has always focused on comfort and value. But then so does every other supermini. To survive in the tightly fought small car segment, it must offer more in MK3 model guise and do so with a dash of Gallic flair. There were signs that Citroen could still offer that with its C4 Ca ....(more)

RRP £11,945.00
Blip Price From £10,820.50
Monthly From £185.32
Discount 10 %
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We know the Kia Picanto makes sense as a citycar, but this third generation model also adds a big dash of driving fun. That's an important factor when it comes to separating the best from the rest in this hotly contested sector. So, is the Kia among the class leaders? Let's check out the entry-level ....(more)

RRP £9,500.00
Blip Price From £8,520.45
Monthly From £141.92
Discount 11 %
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Hyundai is looking for its i10 city car to step up from being merely branded good value for money to being considered best in class - or thereabouts. With smarter styling, plenty of space inside and segment-leading standards of infotainment and safety, this much improved version is in with a genuine ....(more)

RRP £9,675.00
Blip Price From £8,856.81
Monthly From £148.27
Discount 9 %
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In June 2017, I was in need of a new small van for my gardening business.  I contacted Hugh from for his experience, knowledge and advice.  Hugh was instrumental in my purchase and twelve months later my van is still going well.  I would highly recommend his services.  Simon Flack.

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