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Questions & Answers

Buying a car can be a stressful experience.  That's why we want you to be happy and satisfied with our sales process.

We've listed below some of the common questions we get asked and the answers to them!

How do I order a Car?                                  If you complete a contact form with the heading,"Vehicle Order" and list the exact vehicle details you are looking for and confirm that you want to order the car, then that is taken as the order and we will confirm the order via email and telephone with you.  Most orders will require a deposit of £500 or 10%.  We will confirm this with you at the time of order.  For contract hire and lease cars you will need a credit check-application form to be completed and the finance company will require a deposit or initial rental. 


Is the car new or pre-registered?                          Some of the cars are pre-registered and some are brand new, with you as the first owner, we will confirm this with you at the time of order.


Do I pay the dealer direct?                                        Yes!  only if a deposit is required do you pay that to us and that will start the order process.  When the car is ready for delivery the dealer will contact you with an invoice and then you can pay them directly and then the car will be delivered to you on an agreed date.  Some cars can be picked up on site and paid for on collection.  We will let you know what options are available to you at the time of enquiry/order.


Is the car covered by a warranty?                               Yes.  It has the full, UK manufacturers warranty as supplied by every new car franchise in the UK.   ALL CARS ARE UK FRANCHISED DEALER SUPPLIED AND NOT IMPORTED.